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Thank you so much for those who attended last night for the first live screening of Night Becomes Day.

It was wonderful to have so many of you join from Athens, Hong Kong, China, Melbourne, and indeed our Chair from Tasmania, and to have you partake so actively in the live Q&A. It absolutely blew us away!

As Deputy Director of HumanRights360 Eleni Takou said, the main priority we now have is to remove toxicity out of our public discussion. There are currently 79 million people who are displaced globally.

It’s incredibly important that we continue to put ourselves in the shoes of others and start to feel connected at a much deeper level. VR is a powerful medium to support us to do just that.

I’d like to say thank our panel who were also so instrumental in developing and growing the film itself. I also would like to thank FanForceTV for their exceptional support in supporting independent film in Australia and trialling their first VR screening.

We’ve recently tested our school program drawing on the short film – which was incredibly successful. We look forward to sharing that with you and others soon for high school use. We’re also preparing for a live screening in Melbourne with VR headsets, and launching the interactive online Occupational Therapy Training Program with Theo and other participants in the film. And again look forward to sharing these milestones with you.

For those who registered, I’ll send you the VR link shortly so that you can watch the short film with the full sensory experience via your Google cardboard goggles or Oculus Headset.

We’d be very interested in your feedback and questions if you wish to send these to – and with the questions and feedback we’ll seek to take this on board for future developments or possibly blog items to build the conversation around VR for advocacy purposes and sharing important human stories.

If you haven’t already, please do follow us on Facebook: @NightBecomesDayVR and Instagram: @NightDayVR. And please do feel free to share this project with others as you see fit.