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Grade 5-10 students can now be immersed in the life of Sohail, a teenager living as a refugee in Greece.

After receiving the LearnX Platinum Award for Best Video Design in eLearning for occupational therapists, we are now excited to launch our additional children’s VR-2D resource, Sohail – the story of a refugee’.

This program is based on the VR film Night Becomes Day, and includes 3D and 2D streaming of the film integrated with a tailored study guide and additional video from all the people in the film for an interactive online learning resource. This time as a story told through the teenage voice of Sohail.

ATOM Sohail - as story of a refugee

This has been made possible through the Education Shop, ATOM (Australia Teachers of Media) and their commitment to furthering the social impact of Australian films.

Teachers can find a range of resources to integrate into their classes Here

Award 2020

Please take a look and share as widely as you can with those who may be able to make the most of this new resource.