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People displaced due to disasters, war, persecution and climate will benefit from Reality Learning’s ongoing work with the World Federation of Occupational Therapists.

This amazing collaboration has resulted in an award-winning online course, Working with Displaced Persons, which pivots around  ‘Night Becomes Day’, Reality Learning’s immersive VR documentary on refugees seeking safety in Greece.

“We are all citizens and we need to put into the discussion that displacement is here whether we like it or not.” Theo Bogeas Occupational Therapist, HumanRights360.

Jude Hewitson, Director Reality Learning, will be sharing the learnings gathered over 18 months of filming and listening to those working, and living with trauma and displacement.  Occupational therapists now have this exciting opportunity to share her innovative approach to eLearning at OTXchange, a virtual event on September 14th.2020

This is the training we need. Empathy and story-telling for transformative learning. #Elearning #Film4Change

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